From Passion to Purpose

The Journey of Innovators of Senior Living

About the Editor

Braedan, a native of Ontario, had an auspicious start as a student-athlete at Brown University. Unfortunately, his promising hockey career was cut short due to suffering a series of traumatic brain injuries. Following the loss of his chosen sport, Braedan endured a challenging four-year period marked by severe and often debilitating post-concussion symptoms. Driven by his deep empathy and first-hand understanding of the vulnerability that comes with needing supportive care, Braedan co-founded ExaCare. With the mission of enhancing the health outcomes of seniors, ExaCare is devoted to equipping assisted living communities with essential tools and resources to empower them to provide their residents with the highest level of care and support possible. Braedan also knows how important finding the right community and people is. Innovators of senior living was created to celebrate those who are taking care and community to the next level. It showcases the gold standard to potential residents as well as all communities across the United States.

Braedan RussellĀ 
Founder, ExaCare